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Last updated:
May 13th, 2003

Students For Life
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A Welcome to Students for Life! We are very happy that you have made your way onto the doorstep of our pro-life internet resource geared especially toward students. Of course there is a lot of valuable information here that will benefit everyone, but the students of today are the leaders of tomorrow!! We refuse to allow the law of the land to permit the extermination of our generation!!

Abortion throughout pregnancy has been legal in the United States since 1973. That means that people who were supposed to be born throughout the last 30 years have been killed. And not in a humane way! I don't think anyone in their right mind would call delivering a baby's body, and while the head is just inside the mother, jamming a sharp instrument (no anesthetic here) into the skull and suctioning the brain out "humane." Nor would anyone call pulling the pre-born baby apart, limb by limb, with a pliers-like instrument "humane" (the most common type of abortion in practice today). This is done on innocent human beings, but, unfortunately for them, silent and helpless human beings. Can you imagine what an outcry there would be if one of these methods were used to put to death a convicted criminal on death row (and hopefully there would be an outcry!)? But when this is performed on completely innocent, unseen human babies who happen to be conceived at the "wrong time" or in the "wrong circumstances," it is called a women's right. As the saying goes, "Equal Rights for Unborn Women!!!" The sad thing is that multi-million dollar pro-abortion advocates, such as Planned Parenthood, National Abortion Rights Action League, and the National Organization for Women, complain that by eliminating abortion we are eliminating women's rights. But what good is the right of women when the right of innocent children who are still living in their mothers' wombs is completely denied in the process? Well, most students fall into this age group of 30 and younger, so it is fitting that students and other young people stand up for the pre-born. The youth of today are the survivors of this immense slaughter. Not only are young people particularly touched by the sin of abortion (that has been named "choice" by others who are too blinded by convenience and pressure to realize the truth), but Christians have been given a duty to do whatever they can to preserve human life in all forms, situations, and stages. We believe that God, the creator of life, alone can decide which human lives are to be lived and which ones are to be destroyed. Abortion, euthanasia (assisted suicide), and the death penalty all go against this simple rule. This is a website that will, with God's help, show the truth and reality of the sanctity of every human life. This isn't just an issue all about women's rights or politics. This is an issue about people turning away from God and cutting Him out of their lives. And this is also about the loss of millions of innocent human lives that God Himself, through His infinite mind, created especially to come into the world. God wanted each little one even before he created our world! For every baby who is killed by a willing mother (yes, sometimes she is pressured by others, but approximately 95-98% of abortions result as a means of birth control), God had talents, personalities, and descendants planned out. By one abortion, the world does not only miss out on that individual but on all of his or her descendents until the end of time. Please do the right thing, not for yourself or your own personal gains, but for God and His children!

*We think the baby should choose whether to live
or die.  Until science creates a way to talk to
a fetus, let's wait until the baby can reason
(about three?), and then ask him if he wants to die.

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"Do you think it is right to help those who are wicked and to take the side of those who hate the Lord?" -- 2 Chronicles 19:2